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News from the week of May 3,, 2000 Headlight Herald - Serving Tracy, Minnesota, since 1880

Anguish of mock accident seems uncomfortably real

A hush fell over the Tracy Area High School students.

Before them, a horrific scene played out.

Around an ambulance gurney, a knot of emergency medical workers huddles over a prone figure. Again and again, the medics frantically try to spark a response from the lifeless limbs.

An anguished female voice speaks the thoughts of a nurse, hoping for a miracle, but fearing the worst. A veil is crossed beyond the reach of modern medicine. Nothing more can be done.

Numbly, the emergency room workers note the time of death: 12:59 p.m. The body of a 17-year-old boy, killed in a crash involving a drunk driver, is covered with a sheet. The boy's shell-shocked mother and father are told the news. As if in a nightmare from which they can't awake, the grieve-stricken parents are led into the emergency room. There's nothing left to do but say good-bye.

The scene played out in the TAHS gym Tuesday afternoon was a staged dramatic presentation. But for many, the portrayal of pain of death and loss seemed uncomfortably real.

“This is exactly what can happen when young people drink and drive,” Chris Storms, an emergency response nurse for the Sioux Valley Health System, told the TAHS assembly.

Eighth-grade math, reading tests show improvement

For the first time, Tracy eighth-graders scored above average in statewide math and reading basic skills tests.

Results released last week by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning showed that 83% of Tracy Area High School eigth graders passed the state reading test. Seventy-one persent of local eighth graders passed the math test.

Supt. Rick Clark said he considers the test results a positive sign.

'Dance Divine'

Music in Motion's spring dance recital was entitled "Rythm Divine." But the show cold just as easily been called "Thank Heavens for Little Girls." Or Big Girls. About 50 female charmers, from age three to teenage, put on the show. The students are taught by Jen Kainz and Vicki Nilius.

Yikes! Now Elian saga is Headlight news too!

Haven't heard enough about Elian Gonzalez? Hold onto your newspaper. The saga of the six-year-old Cuban boy, who became the subject of an international incident between the United States and Cuba, now moves onto the pages of the Tracy Headlight-Herald.

The son of a Walnut Grove couple piloted the plane that flew four of Elian's friends from Cuba to the United States to play with Elian last week. Bill Baxter works for the charter airline, Executive Fliteways, based out of Long Island, New York.

"He (Billy) was sitting in Augusta, Georgia, when the company called and said the had a job for him.

Au revoir to France holds many memories for students

• 28th annual French study trip is last for TAHS students

Tracy Area High School French students marked the end of an era this spring.

A two-week study trip taken by 17 students marked the 28th straight year TAHS students traveled to Europe. No more student trips are planned because French will not be offered at TAHS next year.

“It was a good experience,” said Shorty Engel, TAHS French teacher, who has led the annual study trip to France since 1973. Engel does plan to lead an adult group to France next June.

This year's delegation included six fourth-year French seniors and 11 juniors with two years of French instruction.

Caron's Fuel bought by Cenex Harvest States

Cenex Harvest States has purchased Caron's Fuel of Tracy.

Letters announcing the change were mailed to customers last week. Effective date of the sale April 24.

“We sincerely appreciate your business and faithfulness to us for the last 16 years,” stated Robert and Donna Caron, former owners of Caron's Fuel and Supplies.

In their letter, the Carons state that “nothing will really change other than the name of the business.”