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News from the week of November 22, 2000 Headlight Herald - Serving Tracy, Minnesota, since 1880


Relief efforts set for fire victims

Several relief efforts are underway to help a Tracy family that lost all their household possessions in a fire Wednesday.

The Thai Thao and Khoua Xiong family lost everything but the clothing they were wearing and their vehicles after a fire destroyed the one-bedroom house they rented on the southwest corner of Ninth and Morgan streets. No one was hurt.

Donations for the family are being accepted at Tracy State Bank and by the American Red Cross. Staff members at Tracy Elementary School, where five of the family's six children attend school, have also organized a drive. Several local churches have taken up collections for the family.

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No one was home when the fire broke out shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday. Khoua Xiong, the mother, discovered the blaze after driving home from an errand. She had her youngest son, four-year-old Dustin, with her.

School pool support remains unresolved

Should Tracy Public Schools provide financial support to a new swimming pool facility being proposed in Tracy? If so, how much money should the school district commit?

Answers to those questions remained unresolved following a Tracy Board of Education meeting Monday night. Board members indicated they would make a decision regarding the school district's swimming pool involvement at a Dec. 5 meeting.

Tracy City Administrator Audrey Koopman met briefly with board members to discuss an earlier city request that District 417 commit $20,000 annually over the next 20 years. The money would help pay for the construction of a new Family Aquatic Center at Sebastian Park. The outdoor pool facility's estimated cost is $1.5 million, which includes a contingency fund for unexpected costs.

The new facility would replace a deteriorating 49-year-old pool that opened in 1951. An existing joint powers agreement between the school district and City of Tracy splits an operating deficit that has been about $20,000. The school district has been responsible for hiring pool personnel and pool administration. The City of Tracy has funded all pool repairs and capital improvements.

A+ student efforts acclaimed

Student academic achievement took center stage at the Tracy American Education Week banquet Thursday.

Honorees included:

St. Mary's School

Outstanding achievers—Celia Brockway, Jackie Haecherl.

Tracy Elementary School

Outstanding achievers—Shawn Stefanick, Rebekah Zens, Nancy Moua, Caleb Schmidt, Julie Olson, Levi Miller.

Tracy Area High School

Outstanding achievers—Kou Thao, Kayla Hosier, Nate Clark, Rebecca Lessman, Kyle Peltola, Melissa Luckhardt, Tessa Nelson, Katie Gervais, Jonathan Carter.

TAHS academic letterwinners

Second star—Andy Fraser, Amanda Labat, Brady Schmidt, Alison Tanghe.

First star—Kimberly Bornitz, Benjamin Gervais, Carin Gervais, Kayla Hosier, Katie Louwagie, Lisa Soupir, Kelly Warner, Nicole Wilking.

Letter—Stacy DeMartelaere, Kevin Fultz, James Holter, Jennifer Laleman, Jessica Lustfield, Abby Miller, Neil Pommier, Jacob Sanders, Katie Scharfe, Leah Schmidt, Daniel Vogel, Catie Willard.


First star—Brady Averill, Rhonda Bitker, Joseph Brockway, Lisa Buysse, Stephanie Carter, Mark Freeburg, Scott LaVoy, Rebecca Lessman, Megan Schons, Kamaria Skoglund, Jenna Tholen.

Letter—Kristina Anderson, Marcia Ankrum, Maria Ankrum, Jared Baumann, Kevin Bierbaum, Andrea Gervais, Kristen Rokke, Adam Schmidt.


Letter—Jessica Lenertz, Eric Nelson, Emily Vandendriessche, Jason Vercruysse, Laura Zwach.

`Oklahoma' is foot-stompin' good time

Sakes alive! There's talent in this here territory!

If'n you didn't git down to the high school yet for that there music show called Oklahoma! they're puttin' on, ya got two more chances. (Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m). I'm a tellin' ya, it's one fine show!

I'm plumb wrung out from attendin' tho. My heart is still a flutterin' from those romance scenes, and my eyes are sad from bawlin' over poor Jud. My face is sore from laughin' at that peddler man and stiff from tryin' to keep a proper look about me over the carryin' on of that Ado Annie gal.

I was kinda wishin' that Will Parker (Ric Schons) fella had two-stepped right on down into the audience and danced with a few gals like he did with Aunt Eller (Ethanie Schmidt) in that one scene. I bet he could have sweet talked a lot of `em! I liked his singin' too — pleasant like.

Tracy Minntronix Corp. plans Sunday, Dec. 3 open house

Tracy Minntronix Corp. (TMC) announces plans for an open house Sunday, Dec. 3 from 1-3 p.m.

The open house celebrates Tracy Minntronix's 10 years in Tracy. TMC President and majority owner Lew Tollefson says the purpose of the event is to introduce or re-introduce the community to the electronic component manufacturer.

The open house will include guided tours of the TMC facility and product displays. Refreshments will be served.

TMC manufactures electronic components called transformers, which are a large part of what the electronics industry calls magnetics, a multi-billion dollar industry. Most components manufactured by TMC are used in telephone/data systems.

Tracy's Old Fashioned Christmas