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News from the week of December 6, 2000 Headlight Herald - Serving Tracy, Minnesota, since 1880

Tracy hospital studies re-opened Balaton clinic

Tracy Area Medical Services (TAMS) is considering the possibility of reestablishing a satellite medical clinic in Balaton.

A Balaton clinic was closed by TAMS in 1999. Administrator Dan Reiner told TAMS advisory board members at their November meeting that he feels that the closure was a mistake. He said he plans to “very aggressively” pursue options to launch a new clinic operation in Balaton.

When the clinic closed, low patient visits and operating losses were cited as reasons for the closure. However, Reiner feels that the Balaton clinic's lack of success was due to primarily to two shortcomings:

• Little infrastructure (lab, prescriptions, x-rays) at the old clinic.

• No designation as Rural Health Clinic.

Reiner said that with those deficiencies corrected, a Balaton clinic staffed with a mid-level practitioner could break even with eight to nine patients a day.

Sara Kemp leaving Tracy Chamber post

Sara Kemp, Tracy Chamber of Commerce president, has accepted a new position. Her last day of work with the Chamber is Friday.

The Chamber executive has accepted a position with GE Financial Assurance Company of Bloomington. She plans to establish an office in her Milroy home for the new job, which involves the sales and service of long-term care insurance policies.

“It's a great opportunity for me that I couldn't pass up,” Kemp said. She added that she has very much enjoyed working for the Chamber.

Kemp became the part-time Chamber manager in September of 1999, succeeding Jen Kainz. She lives in Milroy with her husband Joe, and their two pre-school sons.

Nicole Larson, Chamber board chairman, says Tracy will miss Kemp.

United Fund meets $12,000 goal, distributes money to groups

After meeting its $12,000 goal, the Tracy United Fund last week distributed funds to 21 area organizations and charities.

“We (the United fund Board of Directors) give many, many thanks to all who so generously contributed to the effort in allowing this fund to attain its goal,” said Clara Andrews, United Fund board member. “The businesses in and around the community are to be especially complimented for their contributions.”

Tracy Minntronix open house attracts big Sunday afternoon crowd

A steady stream of visitors braved blustery weather conditions Sunday afternoon to attend an open house at the Tracy Minntronix Corporation. Nearly 300 people attended. Minntronix President Lew Tollefson said he was very pleased with the turnout.

Guided tours took visitors along Minntronix's four assembly lines. Employees demonstrated production steps and how each machine operated. The open house marked the 10th anniversary of Minntronix's founding in Tracy and showcased recent improvements made to the plant.

Pow wow culiminates Indian studies

A fifth-grade unit about American Indians culminated Friday witha "Pow Wow." The Pow Wow included dances, music, games, food and displays. High school student Jonna Grunden taught students a dance.

The Pow Wow is held after an in-depth unit on Native americans. After an overview, each student selects a tribe to research.

Information is displayed at the Pow Wow.

"We try to make it as authentic as possible," explains teacher Russ Roots.

Lyon County 4-H awards presented

“Disney on Parade” was the theme for the Lyon County 4-H “Round Up for Recognition and Awards” program held last week at Southwest State University.

Award recipients included:

Friend of 4-H—Matt Coleman, of John Morrell and Company.

4-H graduates—Susan Bush, Coon Creek; Andrew Kompelien, Stephanie Johnson Westerheim: Paul Lanoue, John Lanoue, Justin Lessman, Amanda Vandendriessche, Christa Vandendriessche, and Mike Weedman Amiret Busy Bees; Janelle Hoffman, Lake Marshall Eagles, Jim Koch, Tracy Comets, and, Westerheim.