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News from the week of December 27, 2000 Headlight Herald - Serving Tracy, Minnesota, since 1880

School board balks at pool funding request

• Concerns cited about uncertain school revenues

Supporters of a new Tracy swimming pool received morale support, but not the long-term financial commitment they'd been seeking from District 417 Board of Education members last week.

Board members took no action on a community education advisory committee's recommendation that District 417 pledge $10,000 annually toward swimming pool operations.

Board members said they supported the idea of a new swimming pool in Tracy, but didn't feel the school district can afford commit dollars to the pool.

“I've struggled with this issue,” said Eric Nelson, who also serves on the community education advisory board. “I can see both sides. We do need a new pool.”

Minnesota River, Big Sioux clean-up efforts have parallels

Area II agency seeks $500,000 for 2001-03 projects

The Big Sioux River in eastern South Dakota flows south into the Mississippi.

The Minnesota River flows east, eventually emptying into the Mississippi.

But despite being on opposite sides of Buffalo Ridge, both river basins share a similarity. Both have sustained diminished water quality due to sediment erosion and nutrient runoff. Clean-up efforts are now underway in both watersheds.

Officials in a nine-county area of Southwest Minnesota met in Tracy December 9th to hear about improvement efforts underway for the Big Sioux River and perhaps learn something that can be applied to the Minnesota River effort.

It's 100 candles for Sorosis

Federated study club spans century

In 1892, a group of 13 ladies held the first meeting of the Sorosis Club in Tracy. Eight years later, in 1900, the group joined the General Federation of Women's Clubs. This year, the Sorosis Club is marking its 100th year as a federated club.

Where did the name "Sorosis" come from?

But club history suggests three possibilities. One definition is Latin, from the root Soror, and means "sisters." The second definition is from the Greek "Soros," which means a heap or collection. The third definition is "a sweet odor of many fruits."

The club was first organized Dec. 2, 1892 by members of the Tracy Whist Club. In order to join the Sorosis club, women first had to be a member of the Tracy Whist Club.

Vickerman says rural lawmakers need to band together, regardless of party

Senator Jim Vickerman (DFL-Tracy) says that rural legislators need to put geographic alliances before party politics.

"I think we need to forget the political parties and work together for what venefits Greater Minnesota," Vickerman told a gathering of county commissioners and conservation officials in Tracy recently.

Rural cooperation will be even more important, he said, because redistricting will give more legislative representation to growing metropolitan areas.

Vickerman said the legislature is willing to work with Governor Jesse Ventura. But, he added, the governor needs to meet the legislature halfway and tone down his rhetoric.

Non-profits send employees to management institute

Nine non-profit organizations from throughout southwest Minnesota recently participated in the Southwest Minnesota Foundation's (SWMF) Nonprofit Management Institute in Willmar.

The Institute assists non-profit leaders in building stronger and more sustainable organizations. The training is the first offered to nonprofits located within the 18 counties of southwest Minnesota.

Twenty seven participants attended a 2 1/2 day skill development training during which they learned about managing in times of change, relating a mission to the marketplace, the seven stages of organizational development, principles of effective budgeting and cash flow management and much more.

Christmas Preludes

A rescheduled Christmas Preludes concert brought out a big crowd last Wednesday afternoon, despite its unusual 3:30 pm starting time. The two-hour concert featured vocal and instrumental groups from grades 7-12. Carolyn Przymus and Chris Miller directed the program.