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Sports from the week of March 19, 2003

Boyer talks of high goals for next season

The Panther boys' basketball team held its 2002-03 banquet at the Mediterranean on Monday night.

Coach Mark Templeton of the C-squad and Coach Bob Ladehoff of the B-squad reviewed their seasons and told of the progress made by their players. Head Coach Nat Boyer remarked about the excellent job done by his players while winning six games and mentioned that there was still a long way to go in order for the Panther program to come up to his expectations.

"The attitude of the players and their work ethic is very good and we have the best fans in the 212 Conference," he said. "We are making progress."

Boyer noted that he would dearly love to have his three seniors around for several more seasons but that Greg Carlson would be taking his athletic talents to Gustavus next year while Curt Paradis will be at Ridgewater Community College and Jake Peterreins will matriculate at Dakota State University.

Baseball opener two weeks away

The Panther baseball team began working out in the Prairie Pavilion in preparation for the opening game against Murray County Central at Slayton on April 1.

Varsity candidates are Tim Byrne, Greg Carlson, Anders Davidson, Eric Fraser, J Hamilton, Ross Ladehoff, Matt Persons, Matt Schreier, Austin Skoblik, Pat Spielman, Ryan Stobb and Jerad Wendorff.

Candidates for the B squad are Kirby Aren, Dane Bloch, Paul Carlson, Sean Castle, Cole Cooreman, Derek Daniels, Sean Fox, Erik Frisvold, Brett Jackson, Paul Johnson, Casey Kline, Tristan Larson, Daniel Malmberg, Andy Nelson, Derek Radke, Ross Ryan, Donald Strand, Erich Swenson, Derrick Vandromme, Anthony Vroman and Lucas Walling.

Eighth grade players are Adam Bruder, Dan Dieter, Derek Evans, Adam LeClaire, David McCoy, Casey Polzine, Taylor Rignell, Logan Sanow, Nick Soupir, Shawn Stefanick, Seth Swan and Chris Swenson. From the seventh grade are Josh Arntz, Anthony Dolan, Kyle Fraser, John Gervais, Taylor Hagberg, Brian Schlager, David Schmidt, Cody Schons, Ryan Thooft and Spencer Zwaschka.

Golfers work on swings

The Panther boys' and girls' golf teams are practicing at the elementary school gymnasium as they prepare for the opening meet against Red Rock at Tracy on April 3.

Golfers from grades 9-12 are Mark Buysse, Andrew Chandler, Scott Debbaut, Matt Engesser, Jenna Fischer, Shanel Hansen, Nicole Hansen, Bryan Jackson, Kimberly Lau, Kayla Lau, Kyle Lessman, Sara Macken, Brittany Maeyaert, Casie Miller, Nick Miller, Ted Nilius, Amanda Paczkowski, Jake Peterreins, Eric Peterson, Sonia Schmiesing and Jon VanDeWiele. From seventh and eighth grade are Matt Dieter, Ryan Kaup, Michael Lenertz, Jeremiah Martin, David Nilius, Tory Paczkowski and Caleb Schmidt.