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Betty Dobson wheels her vintage piggybank into Minnwest Bank.

Cash sow

Piggybank boosts bank deposits

By Seth Schmidt


You’ve heard the tale about the little pig going to market. 

This is a story about a yellow piggybank that went to Minnwest Bank.  The porcine porcelain was so hefty that Betty Dobson needed a red coaster-wagon to tow the deposit into the bank lobby.

“It weighs 33 pounds,” announced Homer Dobson, as he hoisted the red-cheeked piggybank onto the teller window. 

Wouldn’t a construction crane have come in handy?

“The Good Lord hasn’t made a pig that I can’t lift,” the retired pastor quipped.

A beaming Christa Vandendriessche accepted the enormous piggybank with aplomb, showing that this farm girl could handle any bank deposit, cash sows included.

But this was a bank deposit that would require some teamwork.

As Vandendriessche made out a deposit slip, fellow tellers Sandy Cooreman and Brianna Bruder brought the ceramic piggybank to the bank’s coin counting machine.  Yet after prying the cork stopper from the pig’s belly, emptying the coins proved as difficult as catching a greased pig.  The tellers double-teamed Miss Piggy and shook, but only a dribble of coins resulted. Kathy Schmidt came over to help, then Vandendriessche.  If fleeting consideration was given to using a hammer for a smashing release of the piggybank’s treasure, no one mentioned it.

Perseverance prevailed instead. Strong fingers tugging at coins from the piggybank’s belly hole, and letting gravity take hold, was finally determined to be the best retrieval method.

With continued effort, and five minutes time, all the piggybank’s coins were expunged and counted.

“That’s  one hundred eighteen dollars and sixty-four cents,” Vandendriessche announced.

“Father’s Day coming up.  We ought to be able to eat out at least once on that,” Homer Dobson grinned.

All of the coins were nickels, except for four pennies.  The piggybank contained 2,372 nickels.

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