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Dale Johnson III and the Tracy Economic Development Authority have reached a conditional agreement for the sale of two vacant lots south of O'Brien Court.

Duplex proposed near O'Brien Court

By Seth Schmidt


A Tracy contractor intends to build a duplex near O’Brien Court, if two vacant lots can be acquired from the Tracy Economic Development Authority.

Dale Johnson III told the Tracy Economic Development Authority Friday that he’d like to build the duplex on two 100x129-foot lots on Union St.  Johnson offered $1 for each lot, and also asked that the city to waive approximately $4,400 of special assessments on each lot.

Citing the benefit of the increased property taxes that the duplex would generate, EDA members voted unanimously to accept Johnson’s offer.  The request to waive assessments, the EDA stipulated, would be up to the Tracy City Council. 

The EDA’s motion to accept Johnson’s offer was contingent upon the buyer and the council coming to an agreement on the assessments.

Johnson was asked whether not forgiving the assessments would be a deal breaker.  Johnson said not necessarily, but it could cut out some of the duplex’s planned amenities.

The duplex’s construction is also contingent upon other Eastview property owners signing off on a restrictive covenant that prohibits additional multi-family housing units in Eastview.  Tracy Mayor and EDA member Tony Peterson said he couldn’t imagine why Eastview property owners would object to the duplex.

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Johnson said he’d be building the duplex for an owner who would live in one unit, and rent out the other. Each half in the planned duplex would have just over 1,900 square feet and would be built with a number of “fancy amenities,” Johnson said.   The contractor said he would combine the lots into one parcel, and build in the center.  Plans are to begin construction in July.

The two Union Street lots have been for sale since the Eastview Addition was platted in 1995.  All Eastview lots were originally priced at $14,500, a price that included all assessments.  Many lots were subsequently sold for much less.

The EDA has previously advertised the Union St. lots for sale at $1 each, with the buyer picking up the assessments, to anyone willing to build a new single-family house on them.

The sale of the Union St. properties would leave the EDA with just one unsold, developed Eastview Addition lot on First St. East.